My Next Adventure

So, I've been going back and forth for a few months about an opportunity to do more of what I love... And its really just another outlet for me; bread, book club, and now this super secret thing. So about a year ago, I fell in love with this makeup called Maskcara Beauty. I know... … Continue reading My Next Adventure



Basically, we are all still adjusting. Since we last spoke, we were discussing about how our lives and schedules were about to change... well they changed and so far, its been okay. Yes, just okay. Well...Maybe not even okay... what's less than that? Keep reading... In that ONE week, you know, the one we've been … Continue reading Craziness

A Reason For My Absence

I haven't posted recently because our family has had a few major changes in our lives! Good changes, but changes that need adjustment. I'm still sitting here convincing myself that these changes are for the better. But because of the unpredictability of life... you never know. And again, my mind comes up with some crazy … Continue reading A Reason For My Absence

My Unicorn Princess

My sassy seven year old is now eight. So of course... like most kids little dreams, a party had to be thrown. I'm not the parent that throws a party every year. We've tried to stick to the 1 year, 5 year, 10 year mark parties. But, since Margot had a huge 1st Birthday party, … Continue reading My Unicorn Princess

First Attempt; Bread

OMG! First off, I know I said it in my last post... But I was in way over my head. I had absolutely NO IDEA bread takes this long. Like wow! It had to rest for two hours, then proof for another hour and a half... and this was the first recipe, the easiest one... … Continue reading First Attempt; Bread

The Gold Fish Made Me Cry

I cried. And it wasn't a little whimper. I actually lost it and cried. He stared, my daughter laughed, and I looked crazy. Saturday we had a nice family day planned, we made breakfast, cleaned the house, relaxed at home, lunch out in Long Beach for a friend's birthday, then back home for the night. … Continue reading The Gold Fish Made Me Cry

My New Year; 2019.

A new year comes and everyone has a different idea of how the next year should be spent… There are resolutions of new bodies, better attitude, more traveling, more money, a lot of great positive ideas, that sadly, only maybe 10% of those are actually achieved. We’re adults, we know how things go… its life. … Continue reading My New Year; 2019.

Rocket’s Almost Broken Leg

Basically, the more kids you have. the less friends you keep. Unless... those friends have children too, then you're stuck with double the amount of kids, so then you kinda avoid more gatherings because no child is as well behaved as your own. Today, we have a great group of friends, some with children, some … Continue reading Rocket’s Almost Broken Leg